How Do You Make a Mortice and Tenon Joint?


You can make a mortise and tenon joint by joining two pieces of wood at right angles. Make one piece with rectangular hole drilled in it and the other with a corresponding slat to fit into the hole. The tenon joint is one of the strongest in woodwork.
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Mortise and tenon A square hole with a square peg. If you look at a wooden table or chair. The leg has the mortise and the side rails have the tenon. The mortise is a rectangular
1. Begin by aligning the two boards into their final position, with one board butting into the other. With a pencil, lightly mark the outline of the butting board onto the face of
Tool box sounds good to me. With a little time, you can figure a design with several different joints, and have an easy thing to carry around to show to people. Doesn't need to be
A joint between two wood members that is formed by fitting a tenon at the end of the one member into a mortise in the other member; the mortise and the tenon are usually cut or shaped
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