How Do You Make a Ouija Board?


To make your own Ouija board, you just need a sheet of thick card paper, scissors, a marker pen, a penny or a glass, and some paste. Next, you need to write out the letters of the alphabet, the digits 0-9, and the words 'yes', 'no', and 'goodbye' on the cardboard, then cut the letters and words out neatly. Finally, paste the letters and words in order on the board, and leave it to dry.
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The Ouija Board usually requires a minimum of two people to operate it. It is very rare that one person has the power to operate the board. The two people should sit opposite each other and place the tip of only one finger on the glass. The fingertip should only gently touch the glass. Someone starts by asking a simple question, such as “is there a spirit present?. If there is no response the question should continued to be asked. The glass eventually moves and answers the question.
To make an Ouija board, design your board by including numbers, the alphabet and relevant words like no and yes .Include other elements that you may find important. Place your design on paper or on a piece of wood, heavy cardboard or fibreboard. Draw your board to make it both and easy to read and beautiful. Cover your Ouija board using glass if it does not possess a smooth surface. Obtain or improvise a planchette. This is the tool that moves around the board and communicates the words of the spirit. A
The Ouija board is a combination of two tools used for scrying. The first is a wheel made up of two letters of the alphabet; the second is glass usually a wine glass which is inverted and placed in the middle. The letters are usually written on small pieces of paper placed in a circle around the table. To make a Ouija board, just have a smooth table to work from and cut up small pieces of paper to write on. Any glass will do, though a wine glass is most effective. The responses you get from the Ouija Board will really depend on your attitude and commitment to the Ouija Board.
To make an Ouija board you need, a pair of scissors, a sheet of paper, a pen and a board. Start by writing out all of the letters and numbers in the sheet of paper and cut them out neatly. Apply paste to the back of each letter and fix it neatly to the board. You should now be ready to play Ouija.
It is very easy to make an Ouija board; all you need is a pair of scissors, A4 sheet of card (or bigger), a pen or a marker and a penny. You start of by writing clearly all the letters, then below that row write numbers 0-9, also write yes, no and goodbye symbols. Once you’ve finished begin to cut them out neatly, ensuring that you keep them in separate piles and stick them onto the board.
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