How Do You Make a Paper Snowflake Chain?


The most important thing to remember when you make a paper snowflake chain is to ensure that at lease one arm of the snowflake remains connected at all times. This will ensure that your snowflake stays together. To make a paper snowflake chain you will need paper large enough to be folded. You can use white paper or you can use colored paper if you want a non traditional snowflake. Draw a snowflake or print out a template from your computer. Cut out the snowflake and cut it in half. Use only one half to trace the pattern onto your paper. Cut out the pattern by cutting out the inside lines, not along the outside.
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1. Select a piece of plain paper, colorful cardstock or wrapping paper to create snowflakes. For an extra festive look, use sheer vellum, metallic paper or embossed cardstock. You
To make a paper snowflake fold a piece of paper several times to make a small square. Take scissors and cut holes and lines into the outside of the square. Unfold it to see the snowflake
You can make snowflakes out of paper if you take a piece of paper and fold it into a triangle. You can round the triangle corners to make a circle. Start snipping bits of paper from
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Paper snowflakes are quite easy to make. They are made by taking a piece of white paper and folding it over many times. Then cut a pattern into it and open the ...
Making paper snowflakes is very easy for adults or children. Fold the paper in half and snip each one of the corners. Open the paper back up and you will have ...
You can cut paper snowflakes by folding a piece of paper in half twice, then cutting an arc around to make it circular. Start snipping bits of paper out in geometric ...
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