How Do You Make a Pastry Cloth?


A pastry cloth is used for rolling out baked goods, the cloth keeps dough from sticking. You can make your own pastry cloth with duck cloth. Cut the duck cloth to the size that you need. Heavy duty cotton is what a pastry cloth is normally made out of, and duck cloth is perfect for this. Be sure to use flour with your pastry cloth. This is what keeps it from sticking. One option that some people like is to make the pastry cloth to fit their rolling pin. They then put elastic on the edges to keep it in place on the rolling pin.
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If you have a small kitchen will little storage space, a pastry cloth is a great kitchen tool to have on hand. Stored with your kitchen towels, a pastry cloth can take the place of
A pastry cloth is just a piece of heavy weight cotton for rolling dough on and a rolling pin cover is a sock tube that goes over the rolling pin.
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at any baker. You have to pre-order them though, they take a while in the oven. Enjoy!
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Pastry cloth are made with canvas front, a non-stick back. Most often some type of oilcloth is used for the non stick side. You can use any bonding agent or sew the two sides together. They only cost about $6 to $10 for a small one, so buying one might be easier. You can find more information at
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