How Do You Make a Soft Mattress Hard?


There are several things you can do to make a soft mattress hard again. Some things might include replacing the box spring, sticking a sheet of ply-wood in between the mattress and box spring, or purchasing a mattress pad or topper. If your mattress is one that adjusts to your body, lowering the temperature to 65 degrees might also help.
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1. Lie down on the mattress and roll over on it. If it's hard to roll over, it's likely too soft. The mattress doesn't provide enough firmness. A bed mattress that is too soft can
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To Begin, back pain is not something to ignore, and while you may be able to make some slight improvements to your sleeping without changing your mattress, you may ultimately have
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How Do You Make a Soft Mattress Hard?
Buyers often get caught up in the feeling of a soft mattress under them at the furniture store, only to realize it leaves them with an aching back after purchase. The good news is that there is a simple solution to add firmness to your soft mattress.... More »
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