How Do You Make a Sony Handycam into a Webcam?


A Sony Handycam can be made into a webcam by installing the compact disc (CD) that came with Handycam to the computer and choose 'USB streaming driver.' Restart the computer and connect Handycam to it via USB ports. Turn on Handycam, press its menu button and select 'USB streaming' to be 'on' and Sony Handycam is ready for use as a webcam.
Q&A Related to "How Do You Make a Sony Handycam into a Webcam?"
1. Remove the battery from your Sony Handycam. You will not be able to stream video from the device if it is running on battery power. Connect the power cord to an open power outlet
I suggest you read the manual and actually check if that is possible... If your notebook is a vista, then I guess it would function automatically due to the plug and play factor.
The Sony Handycam has a range of accessories such as balanced optical steady shot. Similarly, this type of device offers the ability to share and link to computers and phones.
Wal-mart has two listings for a Sony Handycam at a cost of $300.00 or $350.00. Keep the
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