How to Make a Toga from a Sheet?


Wrap the sheet around your body from chest area down. Drape the sheet over your shoulder and pin in place . It is a good idea to use pins and not just rely on tucking the fabric in or you could find yourself without your toga!
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How to Make a Toga From a Sheet
Togas, ancient Roman robes used by elite members of the society, were immortalized by Roman senators and popularized by the film "Animal House." Today, togas are worn as outfits for Halloween and themed and fraternity parties. Togas are simple garments.... More »
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1. Measure the distance from your shoulders to your knees or ankles, depending on how long you want your toga to be. 2. Lay a sheet on a flat surface, and fold the top edge down so
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Toga parties are a time-honored tradition across college campuses and suburban neighborhood fetes. The easy access to bed sheets and the inexpensive nature of creating a toga costume
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To make a toga out of a bedsheets you will need a sheet that is size double or larger. For men you wrap around the waist for woman you wrap just under the arm ...
All you need to tie a toga with a bed sheet is the bed sheet and you might also want some safety pins to keep it in place. For instructions on how to tie a toga ...
The way to tie a toga with a sheet is to hold the sheet horizontally and wrap around your body and pin together. Leave one arm exposed. ...
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