How Do You Make a Turban?


To make a turban, first fold a cloth lengthwise, in half, and drape it over your head, in equal length on both sides. Then, holding the cloth close to your head, twist it just below your ear lobe, to form a cap over your head. Next, take the 2 sides and bring the cloth to the back of your head, as you cross over in the centre, and bring it back over your ears to the front. Repeat the cross in the front and bring to the back. Lastly, tie the remaining cloth in the front or the back like a shoestring and then tuck it under, for a snug fit.
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A turban refers to a traditional head covering in many cultures. To warp a turban, place turban cap firmly on your head followed by laying the strip of cotton over your head. Begin the warp and later start the second wrap and finally finish with another wrap around.
A turban is a traditional head gear in many cultures. It has several styles of wrapping it. First fold your cloth and drape it over your head, then make it equal on both sides lengthwise. Then cross over the two sides of cloth from the back of your head and ears to the front then to the back again, finally tie it to the back or front like a shoe string for a snug fit.
To make a turban first find the cloth you want to use then find a short fitting hat to wrap it around to the desired shape then spray it down with starch. This will keep it in place as you put it on and take it off your head.
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