How Do You Make a Volcano Erupt without Vinegar?


You can make a volcano erupt without vinegar by using cola and mentos. You can also make it erupt using salt and cola. However, the reaction is usually more violent when you use baking soda and vinegar.
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1. Using clay or play dough, build a model volcano inside a box or on a board. If you wish, use different colors of clay or play dough to make the volcano look more realistic. For
There is also a method that uses lemon juice, yeast, and hydrogen peroxide. You can read the full directions at the Crystal Clear Science web site in the related links below.
GELATIN VOLCANO. Gelatin, molded in bowls is used as transparent models of volcanic landforms. Colored water is used as the dike-forming magma. In this activity, dikes tend to propagate
Lemon juice and baking soda, soda pop and baking soda, Any acid and baking soda may work. . Shasha. 26 months ago.
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