How Do You Make a Working Model of a Volcano?


To make a working model of a Volcano, make the volcano base using a cardboard or plywood, cover it with plaster then place a bottle at the centre of the base within the walls of the paper volcano. Mix water, detergent vinegar and food colouring then pour the mixture into the bottle. Wrap the baking soda in a tissue or newspaper then drop it into the bottle from a safe distance and your volcano will now erupt.
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1. Cover your working area with newspaper. This experiment can get pretty messy. Covering your work area with newspaper will protect it from getting ruined. Cover the table you are
1. This should only be done or supervised by an adult. It should only be done outside in an open area. All fire safety precautions should be taken. Ad. 2. Build a model volcano using
If you mix viniger and baking soda it makes an explosion.
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When hot lava fluid finds any void or thin crest, it bursts out from that. This is known as Volcano. Volcano is feed by Earth's core at high temperature. ...
How to make a model volcano to erupt will depend on what kind of model that you have. There are a few ways that you can cause an eruption but one way includes ...
A volcano works by changing the location of rocks which causes the rock to melt and changes the pressure around it. That melted rock will start to move up towards ...
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