How Do You Make an Organogram?


A Organ gram is a drawing that gives the names and job titles of all the staff in an organization or department, showing how they are connected to each other. One can download templates that can be used to draw the plan online at
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An organogram is an organization chart with names instead of the designations.
.when "someone" is playing the Organ and is sending a secret message on the key-board !
An organogram is a chart showing the lines of responsibility between departments of a large organization. Here is an example picture of one... uploaded
An organogram of an Advertising Agency is the Organizational structure of a particular Advertising Agency. Anonymous
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An organogram, also known as an organizational chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts ...
organisational chart of first bank of nigeria. ...
organisational chart of first bank of nigeria. ...
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