How Do You Make Brick Floors Shiny?


A brick floor can be made shinny temporarily by cleaning or Permanently by refinishing.To shine them by cleaning,first dust the floor using a vacuum and broom,mix water and vinegar and scrub the entire floor.After the first scrub, repeat the same procedure after which buff the floor with a clean cloth.The floor will be shiny.
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1. Stretch a chalk snapline across the middle of the floor in one direction, and snap it. Pull the line in the perpendicular direction, and set a square where the string intersects
Just a sunbeam moving across the carpet.
1. How do I clean the brick after removing the carpet and pad? The best and most complete way to do it is with a hand held scrub brush and a good cleaner/degreaser, scrubbing a small
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1. Move everything out of the room and off the brick. Tape plastic sheeting over any areas which contact your brick floor to protect the walls and nearby floors ...
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