How Do You Make Candy Floss?


You can easily make candy floss by mixing one tablespoonful of colour to some sugar and then turn on the candy floss machine. Next, when it has warmed up, fill the head with the sugar mix and simply move the stick around the drum then watch it quickly load the floss.
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1. Prepare colored candy floss with the sugar in the machine. 2. Grip the pointed tip of the paper cone and insert the open end into the candy floss in the machine's pan. Wait until
mix sugar and flavoring and aerate.
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Candyfloss is made using ordinary refined white sugar.Candyfloss is...
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To make candy floss (cotton candy), begin by mixing normal granulated sugar with colour, and then turn on the Candy floss machine. When the machine has warmed up, just fill the head with your sugar 'mix'. It will then begin to produce the candy floss. Finally, move a stick around the drum and you will see it quickly load up with the floss.
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The sugar used to make cotton candy is called Floss Sugar. It comes in different colors. One box, weighing 3.75 pounds will make between 60 and 70 cotton candy ...
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