How Do You Make Cornflake Cakes?


To make cornflakes, chocolate cornflakes in particular, you need 50 g butter, 4 tbsp golden syrup, 100 g dark chocolate and 75 g cornflakes. Gently melt the butter, syrup and chocolate in a small, heavy pan and then stir in the cornflakes. Later, place large spoonfuls of the mixture on a buttered baking sheet and leave to set in the refrigerator.
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To make cornflake cakes, start by placing the butter and the chocolate pieces in a saucepan with the golden syrup then melt slowly over low heat as you stir. When the mixture is well blended, stir in the cornflakes. Pack them in small paper cases and put them in the fridge to set.
To make chocolate cornflakes, combine butter, golden syrup and chocolate In a saucepan. Cook it over low heat till butter and chocolate have melted and everything is well blended.Add the cornflakes cereal, mix well and drop by heaping spoonfuls onto a buttered baking sheet or waxed paper.Place it into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes till set.
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Um i would say about 453-589 calories.
Cornflakes and melted chocolate. Add golden syrup and they look all nice and shiny and are extra gooey. Good luck!
Ingredients: 1c. white sugar, 1c. corn syrup, 1/4c.
I think your talking about Cereal Bar's, If so here is a site with a list of recipes to follow with Cereal bars;,1-0,kellogg_corn_flake_bars,FF.html
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To make cornflake crispy cakes, begin by melting the butter in a large pan over a low heat, and then add golden syrup and mix until smooth. After that, add cocoa ...
To make chocolate cornflake cakes, you need milk chocolate, golden syrup, butter, and cornflakes. Melt the chocolate and the syrup and heat on a pan for a while. ...
You can purchase pre-made chocolate cornflakes cereal in some markets for your cake. If you wish to make your own chocolate cornflake cakes, you can melt butter, ...
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