How do You Make Dreads?


You can make dreads one of two ways, naturally or by starting them yourselves. If you start them naturally all you need to do is stop brushing your hair. The hair will start to tangle and you can form them into the dreads you want as them clump together. The other is to start dreads yourself by using a comb, wax, and lots of patience. Divide the hair into sections and pin back all but what you are working on. Use a metal comb and start to backcomb the hair to the root, this will start to tangle the hair. Then use hair wax and start to roll it in the palm of your hands. Continue doing this to every section of your hair, and you can blow dry your hair after to harden the wax.
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How to Make Dreads
Making dreads requires sectioning the hair into small squares, back-combing each section with a fine-toothed comb and rolling each dread to form the traditional cylindrical shape. Tie off the ends of dreads to prevent unraveling with styling advice from... More »
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Have you made the decision to start growing dreads? Well, this is going to be relatively easy. Go to your hairdresser, and have them braid your hair into dreads.
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To do dreads you may need, some beeswax or pomade, a fine tooth comb, some vinegar, rubber bands, some tap water, and some hair accessories. You can find more information here:
1. Pull your dreadlocks into a high ponytail using an elastic band. 2. Place the fabric around your head with the center of the fabric at the base of the ponytail in the back. Use
In england we say the dreaded it when talking about cancer
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When you make the decision to put dreads in your hair, make sure this is something you want for a long long time, since they have to be cut out. Now take chunks ...
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Dreadlocks or dreads are coils of hair that have been matted together, usually intentionally. You cannot braid hair that has already been dreaded thickly, but ...
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