How Do You Make Flowerpot Men?


You can make a flower pot by placing potting soil in a small pot and then gluing one muffin cup into another. Place one craft ball in the centre and glue the muffin's cups to a coloured straw. Finally, cut out leaf shapes using green foam and then glue them to the straw.
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To Make Flowerpot Men, you will require two flower pots made-up of clay. It has to be about 54cm in the diameter. Use some sort of duct or nylon tape. Take the first clay planter, and run water proof adhesive around its rim. For the man’s legs you will require nylon rope, whose length is about three times as much as that of the planter, used for the head. After making both the legs with nylon rope, make a knot about 18cm above the bottom pot. Use waterproof adhesive to glue the ends of the arm ropes. The face of the flowerpot man will be made on the outside of the 54cm pot.
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