How Do You Make Gloss Paint Flat?


To make gloss paint flat, you need to mix in matte-finish paint. To do this, prepare a mixing medium. Put in equal amounts of gloss paint and matte-finish paint and stir well. Add more matte-finish paint, if necessary, for the desired flat texture and quality.
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1. Pour one part of the non-glossy paint and one part of the glossy paint of the same base and color into an empty paint can. Continue this procedure until the paint can is at least
1. Mix a cup of TSP cleaner into a gallon of warm water. Wear rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin. With your sponge, wipe down your walls with the TSP, then wipe them again with
semi gloss.
Flat house paint has a matte finish that is the most popular for exterior
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You can apply flat paint over semi gloss, but it is best to lightly sand the semi gloss first, so the new paint will adhere to it better. In addition to sanding, ...
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