How do You Make Lip Piercing Swelling Go Down?


To make your lip piercing go down, put some ice on it, and take some ibuprofen, as it's an anti-inflammatory, and it should work to take the swelling down.
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If it is taken care of and cleaned properly, it shouldn't take long or swell much at all.
Mine took about a week an a half. You should clean it with salt water. Put your lip in a cup with warm water and salt. Leave it in for about 10minutes helps a lot.
you can try taking something like ibprofen and maybe using some ice on it
To make swelling go down place a cold compress on the effected area for 30 minutes. Remove compress, wait for 30 minutes and repeat. After the cold compress, apply a warm compress
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It can get pretty swelled up but it depends on the person. It usually is only for the first week or two. Eat ice and ibuprofen also helps the swelling go down. ...
If after getting a lip piercing your lip starts swelling, you should refrain from smoking. Apply ice to the lip to help bring down the swelling. You can also suck ...
According to, lip swelling can be caused by inflammation or a buildup of fluid. Lip cancer may also cause lip swelling. Lip swelling can also be ...
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