How Do You Make Pickled Red Cabbage?


To make pickled red cabbage, start by mixing finely chopped cabbage with salt in a basin and leave for 24 hours. Wash thoroughly in cold water and drain, pack the cabbage in jars and pour in cold spiced vinegar. Cover the jars and label appropriately.
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To make pickled red cabbage, slice the cabbages and sprinkle each layer with salt and then let it drain for two days. Put them into a jar and pour boiling vinegar to cover and put in a few beets, if you desire that spice flavour, add vinegar and boil. Then put in cauliflower after salting to turn pink and serve with roast beef.
To make pickled red cabbage, first, cut off and dispose of the outer discoloured leaves from the cabbage. Then, remove the tough inner stalk, slice the cabbage and then wash and drain it well. Next, layer a basin with salt amid layers, and then leave for 24 hours. After that, wash carefully in cold water and drain well. Finally, into clean, sterilised jars pour in cold, spiced vinegar, and then cover and label with dates.
Red cabbage is pickled by first cutting it into very thin slices which are then sprinkled with salt and covered in a dish for 24 hours. Vinegar, black pepper as well as cayenne is boiled and poured over the cabbage after it is cooled. It can then be served immediately with any desired dish.
Red cabbage is pickled by first cutting it across into very thin slices and covering them with salt in a dish. They are left for 24 hours, after which they are drained and dried. Vinegar is boiled with black pepper, cayenne, or any other desired spice, pouring it over the cabbage. It is now ready to use for another week or two.
To pickle a red cabbage, the outer leaves should be stripped off first and then the stalk should be cut out. After that the cabbage should be quartered and then sliced crossways. Lay it in a dish, sprinkle some salt on it, cover it and let it for a day. Drain it from salt and wipe dry. Pour boiling hot vinegar, allspice and cloves on it when it is in a jar, cover with a cloth and let it cool.
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