How Do You Make Poppadoms?


Poppadoms are very easy to make. You would need to mix one full cup of flour with just a little water and salt. Your water should only be enough to make the dough stiff and not too gooey. You then roll it out on a tabletop sprinkled generously with flour, making it as this as possible. At this time, you can now cut out different shapes, and once you are done, deep fry your pieces in a preheated pan. Place your cooked poppadoms on a tissue-lined plate to blot out the excess oil and enjoy!
1 Additional Answer
Poppadoms are thin fried or roasted crisps made using lentil flour. To make them first mix a cup of Urid flour with water and salt to taste and make a firm paste. Knead it into stiff dough and then take a little at a time and roll out thinly. Then deep fry the rolled out dough in oil in small batches, until they turn golden brown. Lastly drain on the kitchen roll and serve.
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