How Do You Make Silicone Gel?


To make your own silicone gel, you need about 8 ounces of silcon and 2 quarts of water. Stir slowly in a large metal bowl. Use a wooden spoon that you don't mind throwing out later. Place in the fridge for two hours to cool. When cool. place metal bowl over a pot of boiling water to heat mixture. Do not allow it to heat above 130 degrees. Stir continuously. Pour the gel into a container and allow to refrigerate for 36 hours.
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1. Measure out 8 oz. of gelatin powder mix using a measuring cup. Pour the gelatin powder into a large mixing bowl. 2. Pour 2 qt. of water into the mixing bowl containing the gelatin
Silicone gel is a new form of treatment for thick scars. The gel comes packaged as a sheet
petrol with an acid (lemon or vinegar or battery acid) in it will soften the silicon. (break some of the bonds) talcum powder will abraid it if you rub it in with something soft (
Commercial silicone, such as that available in Walmart and home improvement stores is not the stuff you want at all. It is too firm - it will hurt if you hit someone in the face with
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