How Do You Make Some Things Black and White and Others in Color in Adobe Photo Shop?


To make some things black and white and others color in Adobe Photoshop, you need to change the saturation of the things you want to be black and white. Use the Lasso Tool to circle the areas you want to be in black and white. Click on Layer, then New Adjustment Layer, then Hue/Saturation. Turn down the saturation as low as you like.
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Select the part you want in color, use the polygonal lasso tool. It is in the toolbox to the left of your picture window. If you have a PC hit Control + several times to enlarge the
Corel Paint Shop Pro select from the palette menu,
I'm not sure if you have these options in 7.0 but. This would be really easy if you had the color photo, and then just made everything else black and white. Because if it's black
duplicate layer. desaturate top layer. erase what you want to be in color from the top layer. merge all. save. There's a lot of tweaks you can do with curves to get your monochrome
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