How Do You Make Stink Bombs?


The simplest way of making a stink bomb is by using an egg and a needle or pin. Use the needle to poke a very small hole in the egg and then place it in a safe, open air container and let it sit for a couple of weeks. When you think its ready, simply throw it at a target.
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To make stink bombs, you will require eggs (fresh or hard boiled), a heavy duty needle or pin, rotting vegetables and peels from fruits. The first step is to mix the eggs with the fruits in an air tight plastic container and let them stay there until they rot. Once the rotting sludge is black in colour it means it is ready to be transferred either into inflatable balloons or plastic bags.
Get an egg and a needle then use the needle to poke a very small hole in the egg. Place the egg in a safe, open to the air container and let it sit for a couple of weeks. Once you think you've waited long enough, simply throw the egg.
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To make a stink bomb, you take a pin or needle and pierce a hole in the uncooked egg. Place the egg out in the sun so it can putrefy, you may wrap in tinfoil if you wish. When you
1 Purchase a stink bomb. A stink bomb can be purchased from a lot of places. The best places to purchase them are usually websites. Ad 2 Unpack your new stink bomb from the box. 3
First you want to get the ingredients.The Valerian Root Powder is the key ingrediant here,so you want to make sure you have it.Now most people have salt and vinegar in a cupboard
kenny gonzales invinted the stink bomb.
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Take a packet of mayonnaise (use a jar of mayonnaise if making a BIG stink bomb and save $) leave at room temperature. Poke a hole in the More? ...
You can build a stink bomb using and ordinary egg. Carefully poke a small hole in the shell with a pin. Let the egg sit out in the sun for a day or so. When ...
You can very simply make a stink bomb by mixing distilled white vinegar with valerian root. You will want to mix it in a sealed container and don't open it until ...
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