How do you make yourself cry?


There are many ways for a person to make himself cry by using thoughts or simple techniques. Some people can make themselves cry by simply clenching the skin around their eyes real tight and forcing tears to come. Other people use powerful memories to create tears. It becomes easier for someone to cry at will with enough practice.

Some actors may conjure up negative thoughts to make themselves weep on cue, but any person may find it easier to cry by placing himself in a sensitive emotional state first. Focusing on a very sad personal experience is one of the easiest ways to generate tears.

It can take time for a person to make himself cry without a lot of effort and concentration, but a person can cry due to natural circumstances. A lot of people start to cry when they smell the scent of a fresh onion or if a foul odor is in the air. When something comes near or touches a person’s eye, it can also produce tears. Plucking a nose hair or pinching oneself can also cause tears to flow. Some people start crying naturally if they laugh very hard or if they become very angry.

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Easy Ways to Make Yourself Cry
Tears are powerful because they stimulate emotion and convey a message of sincerity. Whether you are acting on the big screen, need emotional release or if you are trying to get through to your spouse, tears are a deep form of expression. You might be... More »
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