How Do You Manage a Negative Sales Person to Be a Positive Leader?

I have found that trying to 'suppress' a rep that is spreading complaints and negativity often backfires, and I don't like to praise insubordinance. How else do you turn a negative worker into a positive leader?


Jeff Ogden (President, Find New Customers)
I think you need to ask a lot of questions to get to the root cause of the negativity. Maybe she's having problems at home, so something has happened to upset her. (e.g. divorce) But unless you are able to find the root cause, it's probably hopeless.

Hope that helps.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
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Bob Etherington (Founder and Managing Director, Bob Etherington Group)
Buy them a copy of Professor Richard Wiseman's 'The Luck Factor'. Insist that they do what it says and complete the daily log for just 30 days e.g, January 2011. Challenge them to tell you on 31st January that they didn't get luckier and feel a great deal more positive. 87% of readers say they do and people who already consider themselves lucky report that they get even luckier.
Wiseman is a cold analytical scientist and debunker of pseudo science. He studied the whole luck pheneomenon 10 years ago (in an effort to disprove 'luck') but in the process discovered there were 4 simple behaviors that so called 'lucky' people induldge in which anyone can copy and get identical and very positive results. I did 8 years ago- the results were very strange, unexpected and for me very very positive.
Bob Etherington
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