How Do You Marry Sims on the Sims 3?


To make sims marry you Pick a Sim, Greet the Sim when it comes to the door, Click on the Sim and choose Talk. Pick Chat. Continue talking until you are friends and have a relationship level of 100. It may take a few days, Invite the Sim over again. Click on the Flirt option. Flirt with the Sim. When you see pink heart appear over his head, that Sim has a crush on you. Kiss the Sim. Look for the propose option in the menu when you click on the Sim. Click Engagement. Click on the Sim, then click Propose, Marriage. The two Sims will extra rings and kiss. The Sims move in together Throw a wedding party.
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1. Create a female Sim to be your primary character. Create an additional Sim to kill. Give the extra Sim the "Unlucky" trait. This trait makes Sims unable to be taken by
you need to make sure you keep using romantic interactions, when they are "extremely irresistible" if your relationship is high enough there will be an option that says
First both sims need to be adults. Then what you do is you keep performing different romantic interactions in a row, not the same one over and over but just different ones (holding
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