How Do You Measure Reach in Boxing?


Reach is measured from finger tip to finger tip when the boxer has his arms out-stretched. Boxers with a long reach are said to have an advantage over shorter reaches.
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To get the inside dimensions of a box, measure the length, and multiple it times the width. Take you answer and multiple it times the depth/height.
1. Stand erect and spread your arms in a straight horizontal line. Have your assistant measure your arm span from fingertip to fingertip. When this measurement is compared with your
1 Stand upright with your back as close as possible to a wall. Reach is conventionally measured with your back to the wall, but if this causes you difficulty you can always turn around
The "traditional" method of measuring a boxers reach has been from
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Reach is like wingspan with arm outstrestched to each side measure fingertip to fingertip.On TV they talk about arm length wich is from armpit to finger tip. ...
If you are a trainer you might find it helpful to know how to measure a fighters reach. To get this measurement you will measure the length from one end of the ...
A boxers reach is measured from body end of his arm (basically his shoulder) to the end of his fully extended fist. This is the boxers 'reach' that you see them ...
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