How Do You Measure the Frame Size of a Bike?


to make measure the bicycle size frame start from the centre of the bottom bracket, the unit that has the pedal crank axle. to the top of the seat tube.
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Bike sizes are measured by the frame size, based on the extent of the seat tube. You should measure your bicycle frame from the middle of the crank axle to the top of the seat tube, where the seat post is fixed.
The bicycle frame size was originally measured from the centre of the bottom bracket, to the centre of the top tube. For typical medium sizes, they measured 54 or 56 cm for a European men's racing bicycle (approximately 21.2 or 22 inches), or 46 cm for a men's mountain bicycle (about 18.5 inches). The wider ranges of frame geometries that are made today have given rise to different ways of measuring a bicycle frame size. Touring frames however tend to be longer, while racing frames are more compact.
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1. Stand barefoot with your back against a wall. Wear your cycling clothing when measuring, especially if your shorts have extra padding in the inseam. Place a ruler or book between
In order to measure a bike frame you will first need to know how to read a tape measure. Second you will now need to grab your tape measure and measure from the end of the forks to
1 Wrap a tape measure around your wrist (right or left). Take the end of your tape measure and bring it all the way around your wrist. Ad 2 Note the circumference of your wrist. You
The answer is.there is NO set answer. Some companies measure from the center of the crank to the top of the seatpost tube. This is called center to top. Some measure from the center
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To know the frame size that suits you, measure your inside leg measurement to the floor, subtract 3, then finally subtract 10. Mountain bike (MTB) frames are available ...
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