How Do You Measure the Size of a TV Screen?


If youÕre looking to get a new flat screen HD television, youÕll need to measure diagonally to figure out the screen size. If youÕre trying to get a screen that is the same size as your old ÒtraditionalÓ television, the diagonal measure will have to be 6% larger than the measure on your old television. For more details on why see: The math is quite complex, but these are the rules of screen measurement.
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The size of a T.V. screen is measured diagonally. From the top left corner to the bottom right corner, vice versa.
Since the TV is 32 inches wide, and your ratio is 16 to 9, divide 32 by 16, giving you 2. Then, multiply 2 times 9. That means the measurements are 32 by 18. a² + b² = c
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also because all TV used to be the same aspect ration (4:3) so there was no need to quote 2 dimensions for it, one single diagonal dimension told you everything you needed to know
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You can measure the size of your TV screen using a tape measure. This is done by placing the tip of the tape measure at the left bottom corner and measuring the ...
this is because the size discrepancy between wide-screen televisions and standard televisions may vary. ...
How you measure a flat screen television depends on the measurements you are looking for. If you want the screen measurement, the designation with which televisions ...
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