How Do You Measure the Weather?


To measure the weather, the combination of temperature, precipitation, humidity, and other factors should be considered. Careful observation of these factors is made over a period of time to get the weather of a place.
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To measure the weather, start by installing the appropriate weather instruments away from sturdy structures and direct sunlight. Get a notebook where you will be able to keep the records of the weather and you can format it using your own design. Observe and record daily sunrise and sunset times and the highest and lowest temperatures. To measure the atmospheric pressure, use a barometer and record the readings. When recording the temperature, ensure that you also take the humidity readings. Take note of the wind conditions and finally make a brief report of the weather in your notebook.
There are different devices that may help you measure the weather. One of the most commonly used would be the thermometer. It gives you an idea on how hot or how cold the weather is.
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