How Do You Measure Your inside Leg?


To measure your inside leg, use a tape measure to measure from the inside leg at the crotch to where the trouser hem is to sit on the shoe on to the ankle. Alternatively you can measure a trouser that fits you well.
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1. Stand up or lie down with your legs completely straight. 2. Take a tape measure and place the top on your waist at the point where you want to wear the top of the pants. Some people
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Gerard Way has never officially released his inside leg measurement. However, he is 5'9", so most likely to be the same as UK average - 32".
1. Place the end of the tape against one of the walls running perpendicular to the wall you want to measure. Ad. 2. Measure out to an easy to use number (for instance 100" or
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To measure the inside leg you have to measure from the up to exactly where the trouser hem sits on the shoe. Some time you can measure using a trouser that fits you well.
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