How Do You Mount a Scope to a 22 Rifle with Out a Grooved Reciever?


In order to mount a scope to a 22 rifle with out a grooved reciever you are going to have to have it specially mounted by a gun smith. They will do the best on that type of mount.
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1. Lock back the bolt and check the rifle to make sure there is no ammunition inside the chamber or magazine. 2. Place the rifle on a sturdy work surface, such as a work table or
You need to talk to a gunsmith.
I've got a Bushnell Sportview 4X32mm on my 795. The scope came with rings. After you determine the proper eye relief you just tighten up the screws as tight as you can and put thread
I also own an Avenger 1100 and I use a Beeman aperture sight. The most important advice I could give to an Avenger 1100 .22 owner is to use RWS Super-H-Point pellets.
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The Remington Score Master .22 rifle does not come from the factory drilled and tapped for a scope base. If you choose to have that work done, you can buy a set ...
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1. Loosen the screws on the scope mounts and fit the scope properly into the grooved receiver along the upper part of the rifle barrel, if necessary. Tighten the ...
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