How Do You Move the Boulder on Virtual Villagers?


A virtual villager is a computer animation game simulating an island and its inhabitants. If you want to move a boulder you will be required to get the golden child to move it. For the golden child to be born, you will need all the construction, the spiritual and the fertility. This will enable you get a builder to make an idol, after which get a nursing villager to the lagoon which will cause the golden child to be born.
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1. Research the Construction skill for your village to level 2. 2. Drag a villager to the rocks blocking the creek located on the northwest section of the island. The villager will
1. clear the blockage to the lagoon. 2. you must have the fertility box fully researched. 3. you must have the golden child. 4. to get the golden child take a nursing mom and put
Once you have the needed level of Construction, drag a builder to t...
Puzzle 16 is the moving of the boulder, which can be done only by the Golden Child. You don't need to make him do anything (and it won't work if you try) Just give it some time, and
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Virtual villagers is an online game that is currently enjoying great popularity. The boulder in virtual villagers can only be moved by the golden child, who is a male child that wears golden clothes.
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