How Do You Ping Someone?


Originally the term to ping someone was a technical term. When you ping someone you are checking their Internet connectivity. Pinging makes sure that their is no extended lag time between when something is sent to the person, or from the person, and when it is received. Now when you want to ping someone it means to check to see if they are online. This is often done by sending an instant message. If there is no answer to the message, a nudge, an email, and a phone call may be the next step.
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The ping command is a networking command on most operating systems that sends a packet from one network location, or Internet Protocol (IP) address, to another. The ping command can
"Ping" is a Unix command that contacts another server. In a person-to-person context, "ping" means to contact someone in the most minimal way possible. Facebook's
it means to nudge them.or whatever the sound is when they receive a text repeats.
First, the person must be in your Contacts list.
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