How Do You Play Go Fish?


Deal five cards to each player and place the remaining facing downwards on a stock form. The player on the dealer's left hand starts and a turn of asking specific player for specific rank. The player asking must have at least one card of the requested rank. If the player has the rank asked, he must give all the cards of the rank to the player who asked. And if a person does not have the named card, they say 'GO Fish!' and the person who asks will then draw the top card for the un-dealt stock.
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How to Play Go Fish
Go Fish is a card game for two-to-four players in which the basic goal is to create books, which are four of the same number. Play Go Fish until all cards have been booked up with tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on card games.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
Go fish is normally played by between 3-6 players,the playters are dealt with 5 card each.the objective of the game is to have four cards of the same value.more on how to play the game on
To learn how to play go fish or fish, you should first sit in a circle of 2 to 6 people, shuffle the cards and pass out five cards face down to each player in the game, and place the remaining cards face down in the centre of the circle. You should then tell everyone to pick up their cards and then ask for a volunteer to go first, in which your objective in the game is to collect as many sets of 4 cards as you can. The first player should then ask someone else in the circle if they have a card of a particular rank, if the person who has been asked has any of the requested rank, they must relinquish all of those cards to the asker and If not, the person should tell the asker to go fish. The next person to play is the one sitting clockwise from the asker and this goes on. When someone completes a set of all four suits of a particular number, they should place that face up in front of them and the player with the most complete set wins.
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To play go fish each person gets 5 or 7 cards depending on the number playing. You then take turns asking someone if they have a card that you have. If they do you get there card
1. Gather at least two players and up to six. Deal each player seven cards, unless you have more than four players, then deal them five cards. Have them hold their cards in their
1 Know the objective. The goal in Go Fish is to collect as many "books," or sets of four cards of the same rank, as possible. The person with the most books at the end of
Each player gets 5 cards a piece. Then the first player ask any other player for a card that matches the ones in there hand .If the other players have that card they must give it
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The game is meant to collect books which are set of the four cords in the same rank. It is played by asking the four teams of the cards they think they may have. ...
Fish is a card game that can be played with 3-6 players. The goal of the game is to finish first by collecting sets of 4 cards with the same rank. Here is a great ...
In order for you to play Go Fish, also sometimes referred to as Goldfish, you will need to have a full deck of cards and at least two players. ...
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