How Do You Play Mouse Trap?


In Mouse trap, 1st player throws the dice and moves a number of spaces. Follow the instructions upon landing. Build space- you build a trap; Take the cheese- trap opponent. To win, capture opponent mice and be the last mouse left.
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To play mouse trap, you try to build the trap and capture your opponents mice. You make your way around the board, gathering cheese, building the trap and finally, if you are lucky, catching your opponents in your trap.
You play the board game of Mouse Trap by racing around a board with your game piece which is a mouse while building mousetraps trying to catch the other player's game piece.
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1. Choose a player to go first. The first player rolls the die and moves the number of spaces shown on the die. 2. Follow the instructions printed on the space where you land. Types
To build a mousetrap, get a bucket or container that can hold five gallons, and fill 3/4's full with water. Place the bucket in the area of the mouse problem. Add a ramp, place seeds
Agatha Christie wrote it.
The play "Mousetrap" is a murder mystery written by Agatha Christie. ChaCha!
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1. Place the gameboard on a flat surface and place all the trap pieces around the outside of the board. Place all cheese pieces in a pile near the board. Have ...
You can trap a mouse with regular mouse traps or the sticky strips, there are new traps out that let the mouse go in and you do not even have to see it. You need ...
How you can trap a mouse the fastest is with peanut butter! Yes, peanut butter! Whether you catch and release, use a glue trap, or snap trap, its not cheese that ...
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