How to Play Uno Extreme?


Uno extreme is a game that comes on a card. Uno Attack extreme has a special electronic card shooter that runs on the 3C batteries. When the player is told to hit the card shooter, he or she presses the button on the card shooter. A sound is heard and a random number of cards normally between 2 to 8 is shot out. Many cards up to 12 have been known to shoot out.
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1. Use a deck of UNO cards. The deck has 108 cards consisting of four suits, wild cards, and word cards with directions on them. 2. Choose a dealer by having each player pick one
3, 8's in a row. you rotate your cards. if someone puts a 2 down they can give away two crds to anyone in the game. if you have the same card as anyone else and its not your turn
Deal each player seven cards and place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table. This is the draw
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Before playing Uno extreme, a dealer must be selected in which the person with the card of the highest face value is the dealer. The next step would be to deal seven cards to each player, and the top card of the stock is exposed to start the discard pile and the lay begins clockwise. A player may play a card, at each turn, from their hand that matches either the colour or rank of the top exposed card, or even play a wild or wild draw four and if the player has no card to play, they pick a card. The hand is over when one of the players has discarded all of their cards, in which the other players count the number of points pertaining to the values of the cards in their hands. The first person to reach or attain a certain point value (officially 500) wins.
Uno Extreme is a popular Mattel card game that is played when a player shoots cards from the card launcher by pressing a button. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards one at a time by matching a colour card, a number or symbol on the cards. You win a round when you get rid of all your cards.
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