How Do You Pronounce Hanae Mori?


Pronunciation is the act of pronouncing a word and is the correct way to say a word in the correct manner in a given language. Depending on where you are in the world, the same word may be pronounced one way in one place, but a different way in another. For example, Hanae Mori is a Oriental fragrance for women designed by Bernard Ellena. Hanae Mori is a Japanese word pronounced Ha-na-eh Mo-ree. In Japan, it is very important to know the correct pronunciation of Japanese words.
Q&A Related to "How Do You Pronounce Hanae Mori?"
Hanae Mori is pronounced Ha-na-eh Mo-ree.
Hanae Mori was born on January 8, 1926, in Tokyo, Japan. Mori studied literature at Tokyo Women's Christian University, however the beginning of World War II interrupted her education
Hanae Mori is 85 years old (birthdate: January 8, 1926)
Hanae Mori, as referring to the fragrance, is actually the name of the Japanese fashion designer who owns the perfume line. Hanae Moriborn was born Jan 8, 1926.
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