How Do You Pronounce Namaste?


You can pronounce Namaste as -na-mas-teh. Namaste is a frequently used word that is used especially during greeting people. The word existed from the Indian subcontinent since its a traditional way of greeting people or saying bye.
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a conventional Hindu expression on meeting or parting, used by the speaker usually while holding the palms together vertically in front of the bosom.
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To pronounce Namaste, you must sound the first two a's out like the a in arm. The last a would sound like the a in ape. Nom-u-stay is how it would sound. And the t is pronounced softly
Na (like noggin the beginning of the word noggin) - ma (like calling a mother ma) - stay
"Nah-mahs-tay" (emphasis on last syllable) And it means "the divine in me recognizes the divine in you."
It is pronounced as “Na-ma-stay” with the first two ‘a’ as the first ‘a’ in “America” and the ‘ay’ as in "stay"
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The Hindu word for hallo is pronounced as Nah-mah-stay. To say 'Hallo, my name is' in Hindu, you say Namaste, Mera nahm. Hindi is an Indo-European language spoken ...
India is a diversified country with many languages having different words for 'Hello'. In hindi, the national language, you call it as 'Namaste'. It is pronounced ...
Saying hello in India is pronounced as nah-mah-stay. The word is Namaste. India is a diverse country with many languages they have different words denoting hello ...
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