How do you pronounce "Ralph Lauren"?


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a Polo Ralph Lauren rep confirmed that "Ralph Lauren" is pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable in Lauren, such as the girl's name "Lauren." People often mistakenly put emphasis on the second syllable in Lauren, pronouncing it "Loh-REN," like Italian actress Sophia Loren.

According to an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren, originally born Ralph Lifshitz, changed his last name because it featured an undesirable four-letter word, not because he didn't want to be Jewish. When asked why he chose "Lauren," Ralph told Oprah that his cousins living in California had changed their last name to "Lawrence." Ralph Lauren was born Oct. 14, 1939, and is an American fashion designer, business executive and philanthropist.

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It is Lauren pronounced like Lauren Bacall, not like Sophia
Ralph Lauren is pronounced as "Ralf Law-run" "According to a Polo Ralph Lauren rep, the correct pronunciation of Lauren is like that of a female's name "as in
1. Purchase Ralph Lauren products only from reputable name stores or online companies. As with any designer brands, there are a large number of fake products for sale, most of which
You pronounce it as Ralph lo-ren, it's pronounced like this because it gives it an heir of class! This is due to its status as a high fashion label, hope this helps!
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