How Do You Pronounce the Name Siobhan?


The name Siobhan is pronounced as 'Shiv-ON'. The 'Shiv' rhymes with give and the 'ON' rhymes with Gone. Siobhan is a traditional Gaelic name.
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Siobhan is a Gaelic name and it is pronounced Sha-vonne and not Shi-vonne and you can see the name pronunciation online on
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Siobhan can be pronounced either Shi-Vawn or Shiv-Awin. Siobhan is an old Irish name for the English name Hannah. This is a very unique and pretty name that I have seen.
One my good friend's sisters is named Siobhan- it is pronounced sha-von. This is the traditional Irish pronunciation.
It's pronounced "shiv-awn" like Chevonne, but with more of an "ive" sound instead of "ev"
Sha-VAUN. Embed Quote
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Shi Von. That is the generally the way it is pronounced. Some claim it to be an Irish word and some say it comes from somewhere else. ...
The name Siobhan has Irish and Hebrew origins and it means God is gracious. It is a feminine name that is a variant name of Joan which happens to be a feminine ...
Siobhan is a name that belongs to a female. The phonetic spelling of this name is 'Sha-Von'. Some people do spell it phonetically. ...
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