How Do You Pronounce Ypres?


Pronouncing Ypres depends mostly on its meaning and how you define it, but there are hundreds of words in the English language that are heteronyms. It could mean a battle in World War 1 in 1917, which failed because tanks bogged down in waterlogged soil. It also means a war in 1915 when Germans wanted to try chlorine as weapon and succeeded.
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It is pronounced like "I-PER"
Technically "EE-preh, colloquially "wipers.
Eee-pray It's French I believe Source(s): It's a street in my city and a name of a place/battle where Canadians fought in WW2 Canadian
I knew about it from Social class, when we learned of the battle of Ypres in BELGIUM (Thanks Lionfrost) "Of the battles, the largest, best-known, and most costly in human suffering
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[French ee-pruh; British or Facetious wahy-perz]
a town in W Belgium: battles 1914–18.
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