How Do You Put a Back on a Watch?


You put back on a watch by first wrapping the watch around which ever wrist you typically wear it. Then, with your free hand, you connect the sides of the watch together. This usually requires closure through a clasp mechanism or with notches, much like a belt.
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1. Set the watch face-down on a flat, soft surface. A towel over a table or clean pot holder works well. The soft surface prevents scratches. 2. Place the watch back onto the watch,
Quite often the covers on the back of a watch are difficult to squeeze back on no matter how hard you try. Some people have had some success after putting the cover in the freezer
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1. Use a rag to clean out the track on the bottom and the top. Remove any debris or built up dirt that may have accumulated in the tracks. 2. Request the help of a second person to
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