How Do You Put a Layout on Facebook?


To put a layout on facebook you : go to, Download the install plug-in, Click on the plug-in button to install the program, Open another tab and go to, Click the button view and go to toolbars, Check chameleon tom tools, To choose the background or layout that you want to put on your profile, click the button that says Popular Layouts, Now that you see the results, choose your favourite layout or background., Click install now.
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1. Sign in to your Facebook account and click your profile name or picture. Select "Photos" from the left side of the profile page. 2. Choose "Upload Photos. Click
You can put layouts on Facebook by downloading a third party app that integrates with it. Some people have suggested using a "code" like you would with Myspace, but you
You can move things around to an extent, but you shouldn't think of Facebook like Myspace. Myspace if far more flexible and allows you to manipulate the CSS (the style sheets) but
1. Find the photo you want to look at (or choose one photo from the album you would like) Ad. 2. Look at the address bar. You will see that in the address bar, it says "theater
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