How Do You Put a SD Card in a Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop?


To put an SD card in a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop you need to locate the module bay on the left side with the laptop facing you. It should also be labeled with the types of cards it accepts. Take the card with the top label up and the slanted side toward the back and insert gently.
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That laptop does not have a reader for micro sd cards. Either use an external reader that plugs into the usb port ~10 or try plugging a usb cable from your phone into the computer
It is difficult to tell as we do not know what type of "Dell Laptop" you have. But there is a fool-proof way, unless the port isn't working, you can buy a memory-card reader
Put the memory card into the card reader slot, open computer and find the drive with the card in. Double click the drive and that should open up the memory card files.
Are you looking to put in a mini PCI card, (the better way to go) or a PC card (otherwise known as a PCMCIA card) that fits in the holes in the side (or back ) of your laptop, and
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