How Do You Put Out a Petrol Fire?


The first thing that you need to consider when putting out a fire is the kind of fire your dealing with. Petrol fire can’t be put out with water because its lighter which may lead to further spread. It’s advisable that you use foam fire extinguishers which works by forming a film on the liquid and extinguishing it.
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They have specially made foaming extinguishers for this sort of thing, perhaps suffocating it (if it is very small) may work as well.
To put out a fire, there are several methods to use. If the fire is a grease fire in the kitchen, baking soda is good for putting it out, but never water! Fire extinguishers are the
1. Step into rubber boots and adjust with handles at the top of the boot. Insulated overall pants with suspenders are "turned out" over the rubber boots, ready to go. Pull
A blanket or large bath towel: don't wait to soak it in water: immediately throw it over the fire and deprive it of oxygen.
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