How Do You Put Out an Electrical Fire?


The first step is to off the electricity. After disconnecting the electrical source, use a fire extinguisher where available and if thats not available sand can be used. Sand works too. Note that they are different kinds of fires and not all of them can be treated the same way.
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How to Put Out an Electrical Fire
To put out an electrical fire, first call 9-1-1, turn off the entire circuit breaker for the whole house, and use a class C fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Use caution when putting out an electrical fire, as they are very dangerous and... More »
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To put out an electrical fire you should learn the precautions which are: never get the appliances wet, always pull the plugs out in case of fire, switch off the main power supply in the fuse box, and never use water it ignites the flames you can use powdered extinguishers and sand if necessary.
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