Hair in Rags to Make Ringlets?


To form ringlets in your hair using rags you will require strips of fabric, a comb, mousse and a brush. This is quite a lengthy procedure and it would be best if you visited sites such as hair.helium, eHow and sarah-tennant.suite101 for the various steps. This is an effective way to curl your hair without damaging it with curling irons.
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Start by cutting fabric into strips twice the length of the hair you will be working with. I use one inch wide strips. Thinner strips will give a tighter curl than thicker strips.
The longer the hair the longer the rags you'll need. Use an old t shirt or something else cotton. Cut in into 4 cm strips. Its best to start from the parting and crown and work down
Cut lengths of rags at least twice the length of the hair, tie one end at the scalp end and wind hair around rag til the end of hair, then wind the remaining length of rag back up
I have one biracial daughter and we wash her hair only twice a week to prevent it from drying out. I use the Suave smoothers kids shampoo and then I condition it with the weekly treatment
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1. Wash and dry your hair in the evening before you go to bed. Towel dry your hair lightly, squeezing away the excess moisture. Do not blow your hair dry&mdash ...
The first thing you need to do in order to put rags in your hair is too cut a sheet or soft cloth into strips 1-5 inches wide and 8-18 inches long. This is dependent ...
To put ringlets on your hair, first wash the hair and towel dry, divide into sections for the number of ringlets you want. Next, place the string on the top of ...
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