How do You Put Ringtones on Your Phone?


There are a few ways to put ringtones on your phone. Some websites will text you ringtones as an attachment. You can also download them directly to your phone if you have web browsing, or you can download them to your computer and transfer them to your phone with a USB cable.
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You can put ring tones on your phone by downloading ring tones from other sources using the facility of an infrared or through blue-tooth.
1. Connect the LG phone to your computer. Plug the LG USB sync cable into the phone's jack and the computer's USB port. Watch for a window to appear on your computer to prompt you
1 If your phone has a "Media Center", go there . 2 Then, go to "Music and Tones" . 3 There, do "My Sounds ." 4 Record a favorite tone or melody ...etc.
Also look for my great tut on getting pictures to your lg220c phone. THIS IS A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY (WHAT I DID) Also I couldn't find this information anywhere else and
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There are many ways you can put ringtones on your cell phone. You can transfer them from your computer to your phone using a USB cable. You can have them sent ...
The method to put music on your phone will vary depending if you want to add mp3 files or ringtones. Ringtones will normally get sent directly to the phone from ...
You can put ring tones on your phone by downloading them from various ring tones sites or by using blue tooth and getting them off a friends phone. ...
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