How do You Read a Balance Beam Scale?


To read a balance beam scale, simply add the amounts of the values on the beams. The first beam is a slide beam the measures weight up to 10 grams. The second beam measures increments of 100 grams. The last beam measures increments of 10 grams. You can find more information here:
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How to Read a Balance Beam Scale
You have likely been there before: standing on the balance beam scale in your doctor's office. You might have even seen people using them at your gym. If you have ever wondered how the nurse or your fellow gym goers read those bars so quickly, you can... More »
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A balance beam scale weighs in measures of grams. Your beams have numbers on them indicating measures of grams. Put your item to be weighed on one side of the scale and slide your beam slides until the scale is balanced. Once the scale is balanced, add up the amount of grams that have accumulated on the bars. If your 10 bar is at 70 and your 1 bar is at 6, you have an item that weighs 76 grams.
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